High winds can tear and remove shingles, leaving the roof decking open and creating a leak point directly into your home or business. Most shingles carry a wind resistance rating of 60 miles per hour as tested under ASTM 3161 or UL 997, while specialty shingles may be rated to as much as 130 miles per hour. While a higher rated shingle will likely perform better than a lower rated one. A wind-resistance rating is not the same as a warranty. Shingles that carry a wind-resistance warranty generally require that the shingle tabs have been adequately sealed to the adhesive strip and most limit wind coverage to five or ten years from installation. staple/Nailing Problems, from poor workmanship play a major role in this category as well, if the roof is not nailed properly than it will not stand up to the wind like it was designed to. therefore if shingles are not properly nailed, shingles are far more likely to blow off of the roof in even a modest windstorm.


Roofing product manufacturers are careful to specify where shingle nails should be placed in each shingle and the number of nails required. If your Tulsa Roof has sustained wind damage please call us out to inspect before you file a claim so we can save you time and money! We will give you all the information needed to make an informed decision, and your different options.


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We custom fabricate all our ornamental copper In-house.

Many styles of cupulas, they can be made to vent the attic.

Hand crafted finials that you can see in person at our copper shop.

Copper roofs Standing seam copper roofs will add great curb appeal to your home.

First class job site CLEAN UP!!!

Roofing Etc leaves your property cleaner than before!

First class job site CLEAN UP!!!

Roofing Etc leaves your property cleaner than before!



Roofing Etc. has been assisting homeowners in the Greater Tulsa area since 1984. We have retained thousands of happy customers by always providing a professional installation from start to finish. Roofing located at 2108 N Yellowood Ave, Broken Arrow, OK 74012, you can be certain that if any issues arise in the future we will be here to answer your call.